Buy now pay later Currys store review

by admin on October 9, 2010

The Curry’s store in UK is one of the leading online stores that offers a wide range of items on sale like electronics, laptops, home appliances and various other things. Like most other stores today, even Curry’s offers advances and loans of all types which will enable their customers to buy items from their stores.

Although there are a wide range of sameday loans, payday loan, faxless, no fax and no faxing advance available from third parties and finance companies, it is more convenient to arrange for credit from the store where you are purchasing an item.

If you do not have enough pounds till your next payday, then a buy now pay later plan from a store like Curry’s is an easy way to get instant, guaranteed and quick credit for your purchase with or without bad credit.

Curry’s provides its credit programs through the HFC Bank in UK which is quite a well known player in the retail market. Like any other buy now pay later program, the requirements for eligibility are legal age of more than 18, 3 month pay slips, bank account statement with no debit card problems and depending on the situation, other documents. If you provide these documents, getting an express and automatic ok from the store is not a problem. However, you might want to check the programs and the detailed terms and conditions before you sign up for a buy now pay later program with Curry’s.

There definitely have been a few complaints in general about the high interest rates on these loans but this is quite common since the interest rates on most buy now pay later programs are high in all stores. However, Curry’s also provides various discount schemes and regular promotions which can be used along with their finance options in order to save some money. While the buy now pay later option turns out to be quite expensive compared to the normal personal loan taken from a loan company, it is convenient. If you are sure that you can pay off everything within a period of a year, then this program might actually be good for you. However, if you are not so disciplined with your credit, it is best to first save and then purchase whatever you want.